This is full list of the museums where You are able to see Schultz's artworks. It's 100% sure for museums in Poland, because I have visited them all. If you know anything about paintings not included in this list please contact me.

National Museum Warsaw
Al. Jerozolimskie 3
00-495 Warsaw
WWW: John II
"Portrait of John II" (1659) (exposed)
"Portrait of Mary Louise de Gonzaga" (exposed)
"Portrait of Unknown Youngman" (not exposed)
"Portrait of Jaremi "Jarema" Wi¶niowiecki" (not exposed)

Reformatów Church
ul. Reformacka

"Saint Casimir Jagiellonian" (in altar)

Franciscan Monastery
ul. Franciszkańska

"Portrait of the Bishop Andrzej Trzebicki" (exposed in monastery)

State Art Collections Warsaw Royal Castle, Warsaw
Plac Zamkowy

"Funeral portrait of John II (1672)" (exposed)

State Art Collections Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow Michael I
Wawel 5
31-001 Cracow

"Portrait of Michael I" (exposed)
"Portrait of John III Sobieski" (exposed)

Palace Museum in Wilanow
ul. S.K. Potockiego 10/16
02-958 Warsaw

"Portrait of Wincenty Gosiewski (1662) (exposed) also here you can see "Portrait of Stanisław(?) Krasiński" (exposed)

Salesian Nuns Church

"Saint Louis de Gonzaga" (in altar)

National Museum Lazienki
ul. Agrykoli 1
00-460 Warsaw

"Portrait of Wincenty Gosiewski" (1651) (exposed)
other version of John's II portrait (1659) (exposed)

National Museum Gdansk
ul. Toruńska 1
80 - 822 Gdansk

"Duck Hunt" (exposed)
"Portrait of Constance Schuman" (exposed)
"Portrait of Jan Heweliusz" (exposed)
"Cock and Hens" (exposed)

National Museum Gripsholm Castle
Stockholm, Sweden

"Portrait of John II" (exposed)

Hermitage Museum
Petersburg, Russia

"Family Portrait of Dedesza Aga" (exposed)

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Schultz signature on the painting Duck Hunt

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